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All-New Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote available for Pre-Orders

This- Ladies  and Gentlemen is much needed in Jordan! We are very much looking forward to introduce this stick, and more importantly we have it on pre-orders, you can also follow the link below to have it ordered from Amazon, although it will not be available until October 20, 2016. You can however order it…


Don’t like Apple’s Airpods? Here are 5 amazing alternatives

Apple has made it official, they longer welcome wired headphones. As technology dies, you need to progress too my friend, but that doesn’t mean you should blindly follow corporate giants and buy their madly expensive products. True, Airpods offers strong connectivity to Siri, 15 minutes of charging gives you an average 3 hours of listening to music,…


iPhone 7 is Water resistant, BUT..

  Just like Samsung’s S7 and S7 edge, iPhone is  IP67 certified to withstand splash, dust and water resistance up to 1.5 meters. Apple had proudly highlighted the certification of the new iPhones and Apple Watches at their launch. Now the big news comes, the waterproofing gaskets that protects your iPhone comes with a cost. In…


Samsung S7 Edge Moisture Detected Error [FIX]

  While dipping, swimming and taking selfies with your awesome Samsung S7 edge, you might be really worried when you go back to your hotel and charge your phone, only to be welcomed by this message: Moist Detected Your phone will not be able to charge. Your Samsung S7 Edge internal components are protected with…


Be extra careful when you download iOS 10!

  Reports have surfaced that the iOS 10 update works on some iPhones and iPads while rendering other devices bricked. Apparently, the problem is reported by users who try to install the update using the over-the-air method. Apple said that a brief issue with the software update process was the cause of the problem which has been “quickly…