All-New Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote available for Pre-Orders


This- Ladies  and Gentlemen is much needed in Jordan! We are very much looking forward to introduce this stick, and more importantly we have it on pre-orders, you can also follow the link below to have it ordered from Amazon, although it will not be available until October 20, 2016. You can however order it from us (preloaded with Kodi) and have it delivered and installed by one of our geeks!



Okay, so what is the the Fire TV stick? If you are familiar with Apple TV, Google Chromecast etc, this one is not very much different. The main difference is substantial though, the Fire TV stick supports side-loading apps, meaning that you can run things even if they don’t make it into the official Amazon “store”. Hence, KODI!

Don’t have a satellite? No problem. You can watch your favorite TV shows right from your Amazon Fire TV stick. Are you a sports addict? You can watch your favorite sports channels right from your stick, and guess what! You will not be paying any subscription fee for this service.


Kodi, known previously as XMBC, is a powerful side app that runs on your Amazon Fire TV stick, it allows you to access a huge range of media content, including film, TV, Documentaries, and sports. You need Kodi in your life!

How to watch the newest UFC for free? Kodi

How to watch the newest films hitting the US cinema for free? Kodi

How to watch your latest series? Kodi


So back to the basics, here are the All-New Fire TV Stick from Amazon specs:


So how does this work? It is a very simple ABC business, you will need to unbox your stick, and plug it into your TV’s HDMI input, this is it.



With the newest Amazon Fire TV stick, you will get the following additions:

  • 7000 channels, apps and games according to Amazon
  • Alexa, the Amazon voice assistant
  • Amazon’s remote

Stay tuned for an in-depth review of the stick once it is released. Meanwhile, you can get in touch with us if you want this device shipped, rooted and installed in your house beginning November 1st (only serving Amman-Jordan customers at the moment). Please note that the price you see on Amazon is not including the installation of Kodi sideapp.